A 3 Day Trip to a Vibrant Inner Life


Welcome to three free days of meditation that feel relatable, enjoyable, easy.Every single day, we’ll send you a new guided meditation created in real time.It will feel less like you’re hearing from the guru on the mountain top, and more like your old friend hanging out and catching up with you on the best of life.Together, let’s bust open your pressure release valve, and remember: this next breath can be your best, deepest, strongest breath ever (or not).Join me for three days of relaxation, peace of mind, and that sacred moment when you truly enjoy the gift of being alive.

Your guide

David Romanelli

I’ve written 3 bestselling books inspired by the stories of the oldest and wisest among us. My second book Happy is the New Healthy was based on my friendship with a 111 year-old lady whose tips to longevity were: sex, vodka, and spicy food! That JOIE DE VIVRE inspires my style of storytelling... and meditating. Let’ s keep it light and simple.I’d love to be your wingman and share a few minutes each day to breathe through the difficult days and celebrate the great ones.

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